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Wine Walking Tours

The Moselle is ranked as one of the most beautiful river landscapes in Europe. The terraced vineyards between Koblenz and Zell are characterized by numerous river meanders and the steep, slaty slopes zigzagged by decorative terraces on which the world famous Riesling wine grows.

We would love to invite you to join us on an impressive walk through this 2000-year old viticultural landscape.
On our expert and varied tours, far from the streams of tourists discover the manifold aspects of the Moselle valley.

  • Frühling im Weinberg
  • Viticulture at the steep slopes on the Moselle terraces
  • Castles Cochem
  • Through the steep single vineyard “Valwiger Herrenberg”
  • Riesling, die Rebsorte der Mosel
  • Klettersteig Bremmer Calmont
  • Weinbergswanderung
  • Wine Event in the Vineyards
  • Picknick am Apolloweg
  • Betriebsausflug an die Mosel

We visit cultural monuments: be it a church, a castle or an old village with narrow, crooked lanes; we ramble along well-kept trails and narrow paths of all levels of difficulty across the spectacular vineyards on the Moselle terraces. On the way we give you interesting information and tell some amusing tales about the history of the region, the wine growing, the geology, the flora and fauna of the Moselle valley. The special highlight is the delicious wine tasting at beautiful spots in undisturbed country.

Let yourself be convinced!