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Wine Trips along the Moselle


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weinreisen an der mosel

250 km of formidable viticultural landscape
The Moselle is the oldest wine-growing region in Germany.

The Romans brought the vines to the Moselle. Since these times viticulture has characterized the landscape and the people. The variation of vineyards, woods, picturesque villages, historic cities and castles will enthrall you.

Follow the tracks of the Romans in Trier, Germany’s oldest city, Augusta Trevororum, capital of the West Roman Empire. Marvel at the famous vineyards of the middle Moselle. Be enchanted by the romantic half-timbered houses in Bernkastel and Beilstein.
Artistically arranged vineyard terraces and numerous medieval castles dominate the ever narrowing valley of the lower Moselle as far as Koblenz where the Moselle flows into the Rhine.

Taste and enjoy our fine Riesling wines, our elegant Pinot Noir and the lesser known Elbling grape variety. Look forward to an excursion full of personal experiences and surprises.

We will help you to set up a tour programme tailored to your own taste leading you to cultural monuments, romantic half-timbered houses, exquisite restaurants offering regional specialities and renowned wineries. Benefit from our good contacts in the region.

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