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Full Day Walking Tour

wine walking tour

The Moselle has cut deeply into the “Rheinische Schiefergebirge” (Rhenish Slate Mountains) creating the typical terraces and the V-shaped valley. On one of our full day walking tours you will discover this multifarious viticultural landscape by rambling up and over the countryside.

Our wine walks lead you to ancient Celtic and Roman settlements, Romanesque churches, medieval castles and to the steepest vineyard slopes of the region.

Tour suggestions:

  • Bleidenberg-Tour - journey through time, from the Celts to the Middle Ages
  • Walk along the “Hatzenporter Laysteig” and Eltz Castle panorama
  • Eltz-Castle-Wine-Tour - from the knight’s castle to the viticulture
  • Valwig-Tour - viticulture on the steep slopes of the Moselle terraces
  • Adventure path „Moselkrampen“ - from Bruttig to Ernst

Our tour tips:
Come and walk with us and let us delight you! We welcome you with a tingling sparkling wine reception. A delicious feast awaits you at one of the most sensational viewpoints offering a spectacular view over the Moselle valley. Taste the wine where it is grown.

Our service:
  • 7-8 hour guided walking tour
  • Welcome sparkling wine
  • Vintner’s food with wine
  • Cozy finale with wine and cheese

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